Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wiggle Skirt/s

 Well I have the pattern and fabric at the ready and the first two sets of instructions have arrived.  Firstly I have to trace the pattern, I have never ever traced a pattern !  I normally go straight in and cut the pattern! I think this pattern has to be the most luxurious ever bought, its a piece of artwork in itself. 

What do you think of the fabric?  The red polka dot is fab and the wool is lovely.  I don't think I have enough of the wool, it might be a tight squeeze.  I also have some fab black wool which I think would suit either the peplum or frill version. Would it be wrong to make 3 at the same time?  Gosh why change the habit of a sewing lifetime.

The blogger has changed the process for uploading pics, but as you can see I have worked it out!

I am still plodding through my pile of UFO's I tried to take a pic of the lovely grey wool dress I have just finished but the light is so poor, it was an awful pic.  I shall keep trying.

Anyway pattern tracing it is - I hope to be back soon. Happy Sewing everyone.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year - New Sewing

Happy New Year
Anyone who has read my blog will agree that I am not the best at updating it.  Lack of blog posts however  doesn't correlate with the amount of sewing I have been doing. I have been busy making bags and cushions etc to sell through my hobby/business.  I have also however been finishing lots of UFO's.  I finished a lovely red wool skirt for a couple of Christmas events,  is there anyone out there like me who will be found finishing something off a couple of hours before wearing it!  I also finished a sequin batwing top the night before my works Christmas party! I am currently on holiday (a home holiday)  and plodding through a bag of UFO's and thoroughly enjoying myself at the same time.
So what happened today?  an e-mail landed in my in-box containing the lates newsletter from the Fabric Godmother who was telling us all about the Charlotte Sew Along hosted by By Hand of London.  Now I love a pencil skirt so had to commit to sewing along with the Sew-Along.  So I have ordered my pattern and some red polka dot  fabric from the Fabric Godmother.  I haven't decided yet whether I shall use the polka dot or do some stash busting.  I am hoping that this sew-along will encourage me to be a bit more blog active.  

Click above to visit By Hand London